Aircraft Cleaner & Kitchen Assistant Latest Jobs 2023 In UAE

Aircraft Cleaner & Kitchen Assistant Jobs 2023 In UAE

Aircraft-Cleaner-&-Kitchen-Assistant-Latest-Jobs-2023-In-UAE Jobs in the hospitality and aviation industries in the UAE include those for an aircraft cleaner and a kitchen assistant. Here is a description of each of these employment roles:

Aircraft Cleaner:

  • Job Role: The upkeep of cleanliness and hygienic standards within aeroplanes is the responsibility of an aviation cleaner. They carry out a variety of cleaning duties include vacuuming, dusting, wiping surfaces, sanitising bathrooms, getting rid of trash, and maintaining the cleanliness of the entire aircraft.
  • Cleaning the passenger area, galleys, restrooms, and other areas of the aircraft are among the duties of an aeroplane cleaner. Additionally, they might help with refilling supplies, testing the performance of the equipment, and reporting any maintenance or cleaning issues.

Kitchen Assistant:

Job Role: In a commercial kitchen, a kitchen assistant supports the kitchen staff and aids in food preparation and other kitchen-related duties. They support the efficient operation of the kitchen.

  • Responsibilities: A kitchen assistant’s duties could include helping to prepare meals, washing and peeling vegetables, cleaning kitchen utensils, upholding hygienic standards in the kitchen, organising storage spaces, and aiding the chef or cooks as needed.

Eligibility Criteria:
Depending on the business and employment requirements, the particular eligibility requirements for Aircraft Cleaner and Kitchen Assistant jobs in the UAE may change. Generally speaking, the following credentials and abilities might be needed:

Minimum education level: equivalent to a high school diploma.
Experience: Although it may differ depending on the employer, prior experience in a comparable position may be preferred.

Language Skills: Effective communication often requires at least a basic command of the English language.

Physical Fitness: Physical tasks including standing for extended periods of time, bending, lifting, and working in varied environments may be required for both occupations.

Application Process:
People who are interested in applying for Aircraft Cleaner and Kitchen Assistant positions in the UAE can look for job listings on online job boards, business websites, or at recruitment firms that focus on the aviation or hospitality industries. A resume or application form must often be sent together with any appropriate paperwork or credentials. As part of the selection process, candidates could be required to participate in interviews or take particular tests.

It’s crucial to remember that the accessibility of these employment opportunities and the precise eligibility requirements may change over time and depend on the businesses. For the most recent information on job openings in the UAE, it is advised to often visit job portals, recruitment websites, and government sources.

Aircraft Cleaner & Kitchen Assistant Latest Jobs In UAE Details 2023

Date Posted:27 May, 2023
Newspaper:Express Jobs
Education:Matric | Intermediate | Bachelor | BA
Vacancy Location:UAE
Organization:Marwa Skill Development Center
Job Industry:Human Resource Jobs
Job Type:Full Time
Expected Salary:172000 Rs.
Last Date:01 June, 2023
Aircraft Cleaner & Kitchen Assistant Latest Jobs 2023 In UAE

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