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Consultant Job At Sindh Peoples Housing For Flood Affectees introduction

Consultant-Latest-Job-At-Sindh-Peoples-Housing-For-Flood-Affectees As of the deadline for my knowledge in September 2021, I am not aware of any information regarding specific job vacancies or consultant roles at the Sindh Peoples Housing for Flood Affectees. It’s critical to remember that job openings and specifications are subject to change.

An organisation called Sindh Peoples homes for Flood Affectees is devoted to provide homes and support to those in Pakistan’s Sindh region who have been impacted by floods. The specifics can vary, but they may periodically post job openings, including consultant roles, for people with relevant experience in industries including housing, disaster management, community development, and social welfare.

I advise visiting their official website or getting in touch with their Human Resources department directly to get the most precise and recent information on job openings and consultant positions at the Sindh Peoples Housing for Flood Affectees. They can give you the information you need about any open openings, application procedures, and the skills and experience needed for consultant employment.

Additionally, keeping an eye on reputable job portals, regional papers, and other publications that list employment opportunities in the social welfare or disaster management sectors may offer helpful information about consultant positions at organisations like the Sindh Peoples Housing for Flood Affectees.

Please be aware that the information I’ve supplied is based on what I know now and could have changed or evolved by September 2021. For the most precise and up-to-date information about job vacancies and consultant opportunities, it is usually better to contact the organization’s official sources.

Consultant Latest Job At Sindh Peoples Housing For Flood Affectees Details 

Date Posted:16 June, 2023
Newspaper:Dawn Jobs
Education:Bachelor | Master
Vacancy Location:Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Organization:Sindh Peoples Housing for Flood Affectees SPHF
Job Industry:Consultant Jobs
Job Type:Temporary
Job Experience:2 Years
Last Date:07 July, 2023

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