EHANDS US Consulate Peshawar Latest Jobs 2023 Academic Coordinator

EHANDS US Consulate Peshawar Jobs 2023 Academic Coordinator introduction

EHANDS-US-Consulate-Peshawar-Latest-Jobs-2023-Academic-Coordinator Consulate in Peshawar in 2023. It’s conceivable that the organisation you specified doesn’t exist or that the name or other information is incorrect.

The US Consulate in Peshawar, on the other hand, is a diplomatic outpost of the US government situated in Peshawar, Pakistan. It acts as a representative of the US government and offers US citizens a range of consular services as well as assistance with visa applications.

I advise checking the official websites of the US Embassy in Pakistan or the US Department of State’s careers website if you’re interested in employment chances at the US Consulate or any other US diplomatic missions in Pakistan. These resources can give you the most precise and recent information about job vacancies, application processes, and the skills and experience necessary for particular roles.

It’s vital to remember that job openings at US diplomatic posts are fiercely competitive and frequently call for a particular set of credentials, abilities, and experience. To increase your chances of success, it is advised that you thoroughly read the eligibility requirements and adhere to the application guidelines provided by the authorised sources.
Please be aware that the information I’ve supplied is based on what I know now and could have changed or evolved by September 2021. For the most up-to-date information on job openings at their particular institutions, it is usually advisable to consult the official sources or get in touch with the relevant US diplomatic mission directly.

EHANDS US Consulate Peshawar Latest Jobs 2023 Academic Coordinator Details 

Date Posted:22 June, 2023
Newspaper:Express Jobs
Education:Bachelor | Master | MA | | BS
Vacancy Location:Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK, Pakistan
Organization:US Embassy
Job Industry:Embassy Jobs
Job Type:Full Time
Expected Salary:50000 Rs.
Last Date:03 July, 2023
EHANDS US Consulate Peshawar Latest Jobs 2023 Academic Coordinator

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