Following Bangladesh’s independence, it was deemed necessary to establish a selection committee for choosing officers for the armed forces. Army first took the initiative, and the Army Selection Board was established in 1974 as a result. Similar to how candidates for the Bangladesh Army and Bangladesh Air Force were previously chosen by separate boards at the respective service headquarters. In 1976, the Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) was created by uniting all the selection boards. Since its creation, the primary responsibility of ISSB has been to choose candidates for Bangladesh’s armed forces.
⦁ Finding the proper candidate for the job is a complicated topic. When it comes to the armed forces, it becomes much more complicated because doing so necessitates the sacrifice of human life for the greater good. Selection in the defence organisation has undergone numerous alterations over time. The “Method of Heredity” is one of the techniques that has been utilised for centuries and is still employed in some nations today. Due to its intrinsic benefit of ensuring that their family’s position at the top of the power structure is maintained, this strategy was popular under autocratic government. Then, when the learned and wiseAs the general public matured, the heredity technique lost favour. As a result, the traditional idea of “Blue Blood” was replaced by efficiency and appropriateness. The new comprehensive selection procedure allows people to compete for crucial positions today, including those in the military forces.
⦁ In the years between the two World Wars, trials were conducted to develop a mechanism for enlisting persons who were qualified. In this procedure, the US Army implemented the Intelligence Test around the close of World War One. Germany then started using psychological testing starting in 1927 to rebuild its war-ravaged armed forces. As a result, the German Army received personnel of higher calibre. Three-dimensional assessment of applicants for selection emerged towards the conclusion of the Second World War after considerable experimentation. Nowadays, most nations, including Bangladesh, use this method of selection.


Inter Services Selection Board, or ISSB, is the collective name for ISSB Kohat and its outposts in Gujranwala, Malir, and Quetta. The top human resources organisation, ISSB, chooses future commanders for Pakistan’s armed forces. The Pakistani Armed Forces are raised at ISSB. Candidates reporting to ISSB are put through a thorough selection process, and those who exhibit the necessary leadership potential are encouraged to enrol in one of the three services academies for training. – The mission is to choose potential officers for the Pakistani defence forces who possess the necessary intellectual, moral, social, and dynamic traits to form effective leaders in both peace and war.about
The aforementioned objective presents a very serious challenge to the organisation, one that can only be met with genuine dedication, selfless devotion, and an unwavering determination to establish and uphold the standards. Inter Services Selection Board has established a solid reputation and notoriety for itself by adhering to a set of tried-and-true methods to analyse and anticipate human nature.


⦁ To guarantee that the right guy is chosen for a position in the Pakistani Armed Forces, the ISSB (Inter Services Selection Board) test is administered (Army, Navy and Air force). This test evaluates a candidate’s fitness, decision-making abilities, leadership traits, cooperative attitude, capacity for persuasion and influence, and willingness to move forward under pressure


⦁ No definite number or limit is laid down about the selection of candidates out of a group/batch. If all the candidates in a group / batch come up to the required standards, all will be selected, Likewise, if no-one comes up to our standards none may be selected from a particular batch. Therefore have faith in your abilities and put in your best in each test you undertake


⦁ You will be given access to free medical services here. We make every effort to prevent illness or injury while you are undergoing testing at the ISSB.
⦁ If you suffer a serious illness or injury, you will be transferred to the Combined Military Hospital for care. Depending on the severity of the injury or sickness, you might also be admitted.
⦁ You will be deemed “Withdrawn” and your chance to take the ISSB tests will not be taken into consideration if you have missed all of your tests as a result of illness or accident.

⦁ It is possible that you are regarded as “Not Fully Boarded” if you took the ISSB exams but missed some of the GTO exams or the interview. Your opportunity for the ISSB won’t be taken into account in this situation either. If you are deemed “Not Fully Boarded,” the requirement that you “not appear at ISSB within 120 days” will not apply to you. As soon as you are healthy, you can therefore appear.


What are ISSB subjects?
Initial Screening Test: The initial screening test is intended to gauge a candidate’s proficiency in fundamental disciplines like English, Math, Pakistan Studies, Islamiyat, and General Knowledge.

How do I get selected for ISSB?
Candidates that appear before the ISSB are put through three various types of testing, including psych exams, GTO exams, and interviews. These examinations are administered by the Deputy Presidents, Group Testing Officers, and Psychologists Officers, all of whom are experts in their disciplines.

What is physical test in ISSB?
The probable candidates must possess physical endurance. Through the Physical Ability Test, candidates must demonstrate their physical fitness (PAT). Candidates must pass every item in a set of tasks that must be completed consecutively and within a certain amount of time.
Because there will be some general knowledge questions on the ISSB test, do some research on history and defence. Any hot topic should be discussed with your friends and family so that you may better understand them. You have it now!

Is ISSB test MCQS based?
To prepare for the ISSB Test, use the online practise tests (MCQs) provided by the ISSB. In order to help the students adequately prepare for the TEST, we have offered tests pertaining to several themes.

How many picture stories ISSB?
You will see a total of four images on the multimedia. So that you can record a tale, each image will only be shown for a little time.

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