How to Land One of the Elusive Remote Government Job

How to Land One of the Elusive Remote Government Job Ever dream of having a stable government job with great benefits but hate the idea of commuting and dealing with office politics? You’re not alone. The good news is that federal agencies and some state and local governments are increasingly opening up remote work options. The bad news is that competition for these coveted positions can be fierce. But with the right strategy and persistence, you can land one of these elusive remote government gigs.

The key is focusing your search, building relevant experience, perfecting your application, and not getting discouraged. In this post, I’ll walk you through the top tips for finding and securing a remote federal, state or local government job. From expanding your search to mastering the application process to acing the interview, follow this guide and you’ll be well on your way to calling that home office your new workplace. The era of remote government work is here, you just have to be ready to take advantage of it.

Understanding Remote Work in the Government Sector

How to Land One of the Elusive Remote Government Job
How to Land One of the Elusive Remote Government Job

The government employs over 2 million people, but only a small percentage work remotely. Competition is fierce for these coveted telework jobs. To land one, you need to understand how remote work operates in the public sector.

The government allows certain roles to be done remotely based on job function and security level. Things like policy analysis, IT, and admin support are often suitable for telework. Roles requiring on-site resources or classified access typically are not.

Each agency has its own remote work policy that determines which jobs qualify. Some are quite progressive, others more restrictive. Do your research to find agencies open to telework in your field.

Once you find openings, the application process is much like any government job. You’ll need a strong resume highlighting any remote experience. The interview may be by phone or video call. Be prepared to discuss how you’ll maintain productivity and communication remotely.

If selected, you’ll go through the standard security and background checks. You must prove you have a suitable home office and tech setup including high-speed internet and possibly a landline phone. Some provide equipment or a stipend to help you get started.

With the increased adoption of remote work during the pandemic, the future looks bright for government telework programs. But competition will remain fierce. Do your homework, look for agencies pioneering remote roles in your sector, and make the case for why you’re the perfect candidate to get the job done from home. With the right match, you could land one of those elusive remote government gigs.

Finding and Applying for Remote Government Jobs

Finding and applying for remote government jobs requires diligence and patience. The good news is, more positions are opening up all the time. Here are some tips to help you land one of these coveted gigs:

Search Federal Government Job Sites

Regularly check sites like, the official job site of the U.S. government. Set up email alerts for phrases like “virtual,” “remote,” “telework,” or “anywhere in U.S.” to get notifications about new openings. Don’t forget to also search individual agency sites as well.

Build Your Application

Once you find positions you’re interested in, make sure you meet the qualifications. Then, start preparing a strong application. Focus your federal resume on relevant experience, skills, and accomplishments. In your cover letter, express your passion for the agency’s mission and the desire to serve the public good as a virtual employee.

Apply and Follow Up

Submit your materials before the deadline and follow the application instructions carefully. If you haven’t heard back within a couple of weeks, don’t hesitate to follow up to express your ongoing interest and enthusiasm for the role. Be professional yet persistent.

Prepare for Interviews

If selected for an interview, do your homework. Research the role, agency, interviewers, and potential questions in depth. Be ready to give specific examples of your relevant experience and your ability to work independently and meet deadlines remotely. Ask good questions that show your knowledge and enthusiasm for the work.

With determination and the right strategy, you can land an exciting and impactful remote career serving your country. Stay optimistic, keep applying, and don’t get discouraged. The perfect government gig for you is out there!

Tips for Getting Hired for a Remote Government Job

Getting a remote government job is challenging but not impossible. Here are a few tips to help improve your chances:

Search Federal Government Job Sites

Regularly check sites like USAJOBS, the official job site of the U.S. government, for listings. Set up alerts for newly posted remote positions in your areas of expertise. Be prepared to move quickly, as openings can fill up fast.

Build Your Experience

Gain relevant work experience, either through internships, entry-level roles, or volunteer work. Many government agencies require a certain number of years of related experience for even remote positions. The more experience you have, the more competitive your application will be.

Get the Necessary Clearances

Some remote government jobs may require security clearances. Start the clearance application process as early as possible, as it can take between 3 to 18 months to obtain certain clearances. Having an active clearance already will make you a strong candidate.

Focus Your Resume

Tailor your resume to the specific position. Emphasize any relevant skills, experience, and accomplishments that match what the hiring agency is looking for. Be sure to include keywords and phrases from the job listing throughout your resume. Keep your resume concise and easy to read quickly.

Apply at the Right Time

Pay attention to when the job listing will close. Apply as soon as possible, as some agencies review applications as they come in. However, also be cautious of listings that stay open for an extended period, as the agency may be accepting applications to build a talent pool for potential future openings.

With persistence and the right preparation, you can land one of those coveted remote government gigs. Keep at it, learn from your rejections, and don’t get discouraged. The right role for you is out there!


So there you have it, the inside scoop on scoring one of those coveted remote government gigs. While the competition is fierce, by focusing on the in-demand roles, perfecting your resume, and leveraging your networking skills, you absolutely have a shot.

The key is persistence and patience. Don’t get discouraged if you face rejection at first. Keep applying, keep improving your application, and keep connecting with people currently in these roles. With time and effort, you’ll land an interview and ultimately an offer for a flexible government position that provides meaningful work along with work-life balance.

You’ve got this! Keep your eye on the prize and stay determined. Before you know it, you’ll be one of the lucky few enjoying the perks of a remote federal job.

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