Latest Job Positions At Directorate General Public Relations 2023

Job Positions At Directorate General Public Relations introduction

Latest-Job-Positions-At-Directorate-General-Public-Relations-2023 On behalf of the government, the Directorate General Public Relations (DGPR) is the department in charge of overseeing and promoting public relations initiatives. It is essential for information dissemination, media relations management, and preserving the public’s impression of government programmes and policies. Depending on the particular needs and objectives of the department, the DGPR may provide a variety of job roles. The following are examples of common roles at the Directorate General Public Relations:

The public view of government actions is managed by the public relations officer (PRO), who is also in charge of designing and implementing public relations strategies, managing media relations, writing press releases, and setting up press conferences.

  • Media Relations Manager: manages media enquiries, organises press coverage, and tries to guarantee favourable media coverage of government activities. She also oversees the interaction between the DGPR and media organisations.
  • Communications Specialist: creates content for press releases, newsletters, and social media platforms, oversees internal and external communication channels, and develops and executes communication strategy.
  • Graphic DesignerIt : develops eye-catching graphics, illustrations, and designs for a variety of communication materials, such as posters, brochures, and digital media.
  • Digital Media Specialist: maintains the DGPR’s online presence, which includes social media platforms, website content, and online marketing, in order to effectively reach and engage the target audience.
  • Photographer/Videographer: captures high-quality photos and videos of government programmes, campaigns, and events for use in press releases and advertising.

People can search government job portals, websites, or public announcements for openings at the Directorate General Public Relations. A CV, cover letter, and sometimes an interview or evaluation are often required throughout the application process. To make sure that you are a suitable fit for the desired employment, it is crucial to carefully analyse the job criteria and qualifications.

Latest Job Positions At Directorate General Public Relations Details 2023

Date Posted:30 May, 2023
Newspaper:Express Jobs
Education:Primary | Intermediate | DAE | ICS
Vacancy Location:Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan
Organization:Directorate General Public Relations
Job Industry:Management Jobs
Job Type:Full Time
Job Experience:2 Years
Last Date:16 June, 2023

Job Positions At Directorate General Public Relations eligibility criteria

Depending on the particular job role and requirements, the eligibility requirements for employment at the Directorate General Public Relations may change. Since the Directorate General Public Relations is a department of the Pakistani government, the following qualifications may be required:

  • Educational Qualifications: The minimum educational requirements for the specific job post must be met by candidates. Depending on the role, these requirements could range from intermediate (12th grade) through bachelor’s or master’s degrees. The eligibility requirements may include mention a candidate’s chosen area of study or specialization.
  • Experience: Candidates may be required by the Directorate General Public Relations to have appropriate work experience in a related position or industry. Depending on the position’s level and requirements, a different level of experience may be needed. Fresh grads may be eligible for some positions as well.
  • Age Limit: There may be an upper age limit set for the work roles, which commonly falls between the ages of 18 and 35. However, certain groups, such as government workers or candidates from underrepresented groups, may be eligible for age relaxation.
  • Skills and Competencies: The eligibility requirements could specify particular abilities, knowledge bases, or competences that applicants must have in order to do their jobs well. These may include effective communication, writing abilities, computer literacy, acquaintance with media operations, knowledge of public relations principles, and competence in pertinent software or instruments.
  • Nationality and Domicile: Only Pakistani citizens may be eligible for the job openings, and depending on the region or administrative division, some posts may have particular domicile criteria.
  • Other Requirements: Any extra requirements, such as physical fitness standards, medical fitness certifications, character certifications, or any particular clearances or licences pertinent to the employment role, may be mentioned in the eligibility criteria.
Latest Job Positions At Directorate General Public Relations 2023

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