Latest Jobs Consultancy Vacancies at OGDCL Dakhni Plant Attack 2023

OGDCL Dakhni Plant Attock job 2023 Introduction

Latest-Jobs-Consultancy-Vacancies-at-OGDCL-Dakhni-Plant-Attack-2023 Attock, Pakistan is home to the OGDCL Dakhni Plant Attock, a refining facility. The Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL), Pakistan’s national oil and gas exploration and production firm, is its owner and operator. Crude oil is refined by OGDCL Dakhni Plant Attock into a variety of petroleum products, including petrol, diesel, jet fuel and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Professionals in a variety of professions, including engineering, operations, maintenance, finance, and management, can find a variety of employment opportunities at OGDCL Dakhni Plant Attock. The business often posts employment openings for both recent graduates and seasoned experts.

For OGDCL Dakhni Plant Attock positions, the selection procedure normally entails written tests, interviews, and assessments. In addition to competitive pay and benefit packages including health insurance, retirement plans, and performance-based bonuses, the company also gives its employees competitive compensation.

Anybody interested in applying for a position at the Dakhni Plant Attock can look through job advertising in reputable magazines or on the OGDCL website. The application process frequently comprises submitting an online application form, providing the required documentation, and going through the selection process.

Attock, Punjab, Pakistan is home to the Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) Dakhni Plant, a facility for processing natural gas. One of the biggest oil and gas exploration and production firms in Pakistan, OGDCL, runs the plant. Natural gas that has been extracted from nearby fields is processed and purified at the OGDCL Dakhni Facility.

Recently, OGDCL Dakhni Plant posted openings for consultant services in several plant operations, maintenance, and technical fields. To fill these positions on a contract basis, the plant is looking for experienced and qualified candidates.

The OGDCL Dakhni Plant has advertised openings for consultants in the areas of plant operations, maintenance, mechanical and electrical engineering, and instrument engineering. The duties of each role differ, but in general, the consultants will be in charge of giving the plant management team technical expertise and direction in their respective fields of expertise.

The OGDCL Dakhni Plant HR department must receive applications from interested applicants along with their CVs and supporting documentation. The applicants must meet the necessary academic and professional requirements for the post they are seeking for. According to their credentials, experience, and performance during the selection process, candidates will be chosen.

The OGDCL Dakhni Plant provides its employees with a competitive benefits package that includes a wage, health insurance, and other benefits. The consultants recruited for these jobs will have the chance to work in an exciting and demanding environment and contribute to the expansion and advancement of the plant and the business overall.

Consultancy Vacancies at OGDCL Dakhni Plant Attack 2023 Jobs Details 2023

Advertisement Date:11 April, 2023
Location:Attock, Punjab, Pakistan
Organization:Oil & Gas Development Company Limited OGDCL
Experience:2 Years
Job Type:Temporary
Last Date:24 April, 2023
Latest Jobs Consultancy Vacancies at OGDCL Dakhni Plant Attack 2023
Latest Jobs Consultancy Vacancies at OGDCL Dakhni Plant Attack 2023

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