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Pakistan-Coast-Guards-2023 This is a description of the Islamabad Police in general. You may go here for further information. A division of the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA), the Pakistan Coast Guard (PCG) is in charge of maintaining the nation’s maritime boundaries, defending its territorial waterways, and protecting its coastal populations. The PCG is a department of the Ministry of Defence and was founded in 1970.

The PCG is staffed by skilled and devoted individuals and is furnished with a variety of contemporary ships and aircraft. Its responsibilities include environmental protection, maritime security operations, search and rescue, and maritime law enforcement. For the sake of ensuring the safety and stability of Pakistan’s maritime domain, the PCG also collaborates closely with other governmental organisations, such as the Pakistan Navy and the Pakistan Customs.

In order to safeguard Pakistan’s marine interests and the safety of its coastal residents, the PCG is essential. It continues to lead the nation’s efforts to uphold a secure and stable maritime environment because of its unrelenting dedication to its obligations and responsibilities.

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Jobs Location:Pakistan
Jobs Sector:Govt Jobs
Total Vacancies:131+
Organization:Pakistan Coast Guards
Jobs Address:Director General, Pakistan Coast Guards PCG, Karachi
Salary Package:PKR 35000 tO 45000
Employment Type:Full time
Last Date:February 27, 2023

Vacant Positions:

N Seas (E) Religious Teacher

Sipahi General Duty

Organization and Structure:

The PCG is led by a Director-General who is in charge of the organization’s overall management and administration. The PCG is essential to defending P. The Maritime Security Agency (MSA), the Maritime Operations Centre (MOC), and the Marine Police are just a few of the operational divisions that make up the PCG.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Security of Pakistan’s maritime borders, territorial waterways, and exclusive economic zone is the PCG’s primary responsibility (EEZ). This entails:

akistan’s marine interests as well as the protection of its coastal people’ safety and security. It continues to lead the nation’s efforts to uphold a secure and stable maritime environment because of its unrelenting dedication to its obligations and responsibilities.

The PCG is in charge of upholding the nation’s marine laws and regulations, which includes putting a stop to nefarious acts including smuggling, trafficking, and piracy.

Search and Rescue (SAR): In the event of a maritime emergency, the PCG is prepared and trained to execute SAR operations.

Security operations at sea: The PCG is in charge of guarding Pakistan’s territorial waterways against foreign dangers like terrorism and other criminal activity.

Environmental safeguards: The PCG is also entrusted with maintaining the ecological balance of the marine environment and providing for its protection.

Equipment and Capabilities:

The PCG is outfitted with a variety of contemporary ships, aeroplanes, and other equipment to assist its activities. This comprises helicopters, swift patrol boats, and other specialist machinery. The PCG has well-trained personnel that are capable of handling a variety of jobs and missions, including officers, sailors, and support staff.

Collaboration and Cooperation:

To ensure the security and stability of Pakistan’s marine sector, the PCG closely collaborates with other governmental organisations such as the Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Customs, and the Maritime Security Agency (MSA). In order to improve its efficiency and expand its capacities, the PCG also works with international organisations like the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

In conclusion, the Pakistan Coast Guard is vital to the country’s maritime domain’s continued security and stability. It remains in the forefront of the nation’s efforts to secure its coastal communities and protect its maritime interests because of its unwavering devotion to its duties and responsibilities.

Pakistan Coast Guards Jobs 2023 Latest Advertisement

Pakistan Coast Guards Jobs 2023 Latest Advertisement

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