Security Staff Jobs At Water And Power Development Authority

Security Staff Jobs At Water And Power Development Authority introduction

Security-Staff-Jobs-At-Water-And-Power-Development-Authority Planning, development, and control of water and electricity resources fall under the purview of Pakistan’s Water and electricity Development Authority (WAPDA). Even though WAPDA’s primary focus is on water and electricity projects, it can need security personnel to safeguard the safety and security of its facilities. An overview of WAPDA’s security staff positions is provided below:

Job Roles: At WAPDA, security personnel members may have positions with titles like security guard or security officer. These positions entail keeping WAPDA facilities, assets, and workers in a secure and safe environment.

Responsibilities: Implementing security procedures, keeping an eye on access points, going on routine patrols, controlling access points for people and vehicles, preventing unauthorised access, responding to security incidents and emergencies, operating security systems and equipment, keeping records and reports, and working with law enforcement agencies as needed are just a few of the duties of WAPDA’s security personnel.

Eligibility Criteria: Depending on the level and type of the post, different candidates may meet different WAPDA eligibility requirements for security staff positions. Candidates may typically be expected to meet minimum educational requirements, such as a Matriculation (10th Grade) certificate or above. Depending on the particular work requirements, relevant expertise in law enforcement or security may be preferred.

Skills and Qualities: Candidates for WAPDA security personnel positions should be physically fit, have excellent communication skills, be able to work well in a team, pay attention to detail, and have a sense of responsibility. Additionally, they must to be familiar with security policies, emergency response plans, and fundamental security tools.

Application Process: Interested parties might keep a watch on WAPDA’s official website, employment portals, or other sources where job openings are published to apply for security staff positions there. The precise application procedure, which entails completing an application form, supplying the required paperwork, and participating in tests or interviews, will be described in the job posting.

It’s vital to keep in mind that WAPDA’s hiring practises, eligibility requirements, and application procedures may change over time. This includes the availability of security personnel positions inside the organisation. I advise visiting the WAPDA’s official website or getting in touch with them directly through their official communication channels if you want the most precise and recent information.

Security Staff Jobs At Water And Power Development Authority Details 2023

Date Posted:26 May, 2023
Newspaper:Express Jobs
Vacancy Location:Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Organization:Water and Power Development Authority WAPDA
Job Industry:Management Jobs
Job Type:Temporary
Job Experience:2 Years
Last Date:31 May, 2023
Security Staff Jobs At Water And Power Development Authority

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